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Help Needed

Hello, and thanks for visiting this site. The site has two reasons for living.

  • To supply a free dedicated wildlife related news service to all those wishing to stay updated with recent wildlife events.
  • To spread the word on Australia’s endangered animals, most noticeably the Koala Bear.

Koala Bears are not really bears at all but marsupials. A group of mammals that suckle their young in a pouch on their chest like our kangaroos. This pouch is home to their young for around six months. At the time of first European settlement in Australia in 1788 it was estimated the Koala population was near one million. Today in 2019 it is less than 80,000 mainly due to loss of habitat and progress, if you can call it that.

You have the opportunity to help “Save the Koala” campaign by either:

  1. Telling your family and friends about this site and the one listed below or
  2. Learn more about Koalas past, present and future HERE.